What’s all the commotion about Networking?

By Natasha Hattingh, Agency and Event Manager

I remember the first networking event I went to – being fresh out of uni, a deer in the headlights type, walking into the venue not knowing how I would even begin to start a conversation with a group of people who clearly knew each other…

My nervousness naturally drew me towards the bar where I found comfort in sipping on my glass of wine, smiling at people as they walked by. I glanced over at my colleague, already in full conversation with their client. I thought, “If I don’t start now then I will be forever missing out on opportunities.” So, I found a group of people and gave it a pop – they were lovely and very welcoming and as the evening went on, I found it easier to introduce myself and start a conversation. Hmm, not so bad after all!

So why am I telling you this?TB WW Drinks reception

Well, networking plays a huge role in my job here at Venue Reservations. Being the Agency Manager and working as a free venue finding service, we have to continually be up to date on new trends, venues, agencies and suppliers (just to name a few) so that we are able to remain a key player in the event industry today.

From attending the big exhibitions, seminars and showcases to the smaller more intimate and unique gatherings, all make a difference and have a purpose. Why? Because there is always someone looking to find that one person who can help: someone who has the knowledge and knowhow. There are always speakers who can answer a question you have and then there are companies like Venue Reservations who can help you venue find. My biggest tip would be to invite clients who you want to continue or develop a relationship with as they may also find the event beneficial.

Spread the word that you are going via social media because I believe the events industry is so much fun and one of the most sociable. However it’s a here and now kind of industry and you don’t want to be missing out! Venue Reservations post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep our followers up to date about unique conference venues, summer work party venues. We post about how we venue find for you in London… at the moment we are crazy about Christmas Party Venues so do get in touch if you are reading this and stuck wMuseum of Londonith finding a suitable venue.

I think I will always be a little nervous before entering a networking event, that’s only natural. So if you do see me around or one of the Venue Reservations team, then please feel free to join us with a glass of wine and chat to us about your next iconic event. As London’s most amazing venue finding service, we’ll only be too pleased to find you something perfect.


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