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Tower Bridge

Upon arrival at the gem that is Tower Bridge, guests enter via the exhibition entrance located at the base of the North Tower and are elevated 42 metres above the River Thames. Arriving at the walkways, guests are greeted with a delicious Kir Royale cocktail which they can sup while going through the west walkway. It is here they are able to sample the breath-taking views over London’s historic skyline, taking in classic icons such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Bridge.

For such an occasion – a 25th wedding anniversary party it seems – the walkways are adorned with poseur tables layered in a silver damask linen and a mirrored bar so the ladies can admire their sparkly dresses all evening. As the party goers arrive at the venue, lamb cone canapés are passed around to wet their whistles before they take their seats and enjoy the delicious feast which has been lovingly prepared for them. Guests make their way to the glass flooring and there are gasps of shock twinned with delight as people take in the awe-inspiring views of the bridge itself from an unrivalled angle.

As the initial drinks reception comes to a close, guests make their way back through the North Tower to the east walkway to enjoy views of the metropolis that is Docklands and Canary Wharf. Snippets of conversation can be overheard from those guests with family members who once worked in the Docks and squeals from the younger guests who can’t believe the tales they are hearing.

Guests take their seats at a table adorned with the most magnificent flower arrangements bejewelled with white roses and pink peonies – which we learn are the couple’s favourites. The silver damask linen is again present, but this time it’s accompanied by a navy napkin – wedding colours from all those years ago. A jolly waiter begins serving the wine and water, followed by others with navy blue ties delivering a starter consisting of smoked Loch salmon timbale with lemon purée, horseradish jelly and celery cress. This is followed by a delicious seared venison loin wellington and rounded off with a chocolate bomb accompanied by sea salted caramel ice cream. The atmosphere throughout the meal is rife with joy and sparkle, with guests frequently commenting on the marvellous food and service.

After the feast is finished, guests either remain in the east walkway, continuing to take in the astounding views or make their way back to the west walkway to dance the night away. With the combination of a live jazz band and a DJ, there really was something for everyone to enjoy.

As the clock strikes midnight, guests express their thanks and appreciation for the wonderful occasion they have been part of at such a bewitching and captivating venue and proceed once again to the North Tower before being transported back to reality to make their way home filled with great memories of the night they shared with their loved ones.

The set-up, production, decoration and execution of the event was stunning and there is no denying the guests were blown away by the detail and precision that was put into the night by the team at Seasoned Events. Working in partnership with The Event Hire Company to transform the walkways from a daytime exhibition venue into a beautiful event space shows just how much hard work, time and effort goes into planning these events.

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