The sun had it’s hat on! Summer Parties at The Lookout

By Hannah Wright, Venue Sales Executive

I attended one of my client’s events at The Lookout at Hyde Park on July 21st. I must say the party was in full swing from beginning to end! Not only was this an office summer party but guests were allowed to bring their children and partners and so there were around 100 adults and 15 children. On arrival security ticked off names on the guest list and showed them to the cloakroom. They were then greeted with a choice of a passion fruit tuck shop mocktail or sparkling wine.

Mocktail summer office reception near Hyde Park


The poseur tables were red and orange barrels and the bars were set up with a selection of house whites, rose wines and ice buckets full of beer. Lemongrass and ginger or strawberry lemonade were made available for those non-alcoholic drinkers who fancied something sweet. Drinks were in full swing for the first hour as everyone arrived, the sun was shining and the children were running around the venue playing ‘hide and seek.’ I thought it was a great idea for my client to hire in a children’s entertainer for the evening; he really was fantastic and had all sorts of fun games including balloon making, bubble blowing, puppet shows and ‘musical statues.’ The parents could relax a little more knowing the children were kept occupied! Let us at Venue Reservations point you in the right direction of our preferred entertainment suppliers. If you have children attending your event I would absolutely recommend looking into children entertainers.

Interactive food station – best trend for summer parties of 2017


As it turned 8pm and bellies were rumbling, the food started to come out. Interactive food stations are definitely my favourite food set-up for summer parties. The first station to come out was “The BBQ”. Grilled jumbo sausages, smoky BBQ pulled pork buns, chorizo burgers in brioche rolls and grilled halloumi skewers. Hungry yet? Why not douse all of the above in homemade pickles, raspberry ketchup and cardamom aioli? The sauces on the evening were popular and Seasoned waiting staff were very attentive with topping them up.

My favourite station was up next: “The Louisiana Po’ Bay Bar.” Cajun and lime prawns, slow cooked Creole beef brisket, grilled aubergines and corn grab bites, all of which were smothered in Louisiana tartar, Dr Pepper chutney and BBQ spice sprinkles. This proved to be popular for the female guests at the party. There were a large group of women sampling the prawns. There were deck chairs scattered around the venue for those who needed a rest after eating too much!


One thing I absolutely love about The Lookout is that they have their own pizza oven. As if there wasn’t enough food to choose from, already the smell from the pizza oven at the back of the decking area was turning heads. The client chose the classic Margarita and a vegetarian Mexican pizza. The pizza slices were great for the children and vegetarians within the party. The pizza oven stayed open later than the other stations to allow guests to have one for the road if they had any room left!

…and now, it’s time for a dessert!


The dessert station was last to come out to allow guests a rest after the main food. Although there was no real campfire at the venue, our head chef was able to come up with an alternative and child friendly toasting machine. If you’re on a diet, stop reading now! Forest fruit puddings with hazelnut crème fraîche, dark chocolate mousse shots with orange blossom, honeycomb hunk jars, lemon and sage possets, blackberry curd tarts plus chocolate topped marshmallows with firecracker chocolate. This was definitely the ‘wow factor’ station for me. Everything looking amazing and I wanted to try everything and I think all the guests did to.

lo2We received superb feedback on all of the food options. A member of the Seasoned team was on hand at every food station to help answer any dietary questions or any food questions in general: their expert knowledge did not go unnoticed. Hyde Park locks its gates around 11.30pm each evening, therefore all guest departed around 10pm. Golf buggies took guests to the main entrance of the park to save them walking in the dark. All in all the event was ran super smoothly and I am still thinking about all that food! Is it lunch yet?

Don’t forget that if you have guests with dietary requirements, then please do let us know so we can get our experienced chefs to create something for them. For this particular event, the client met with the chef beforehand and had a detailed tasting. Even at the tasting there were no complaints on the food or service, but it’s good to get it right for the night so that we meet our client’s expectations. If you are thinking this event would work for YOUR summer party, then get in touch with Venue Reservations today and we can help plan this for you.

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