Should you really be planning your 2018 events now whilst it’s still 2017!?

By Lauren Brown, Venue Sales Executive 

Should you really be planning your 2018 events now whilst it’s still 2017!?

Here at Venue Reservations we say YES!

As premature as it seems, we are already organising events for 2018 here at Venue Reservations which seems very strange, as this year isn’t even over and I don’t even have my 2018 calendar! I felt compelled to write this blog as I feel now, more than ever, it’s so important to get your events sorted and here are the top five reasons why we recommend planning early.

  1. Those key dates don’t hang around long and to avoid disappointment you really need to grab hold of them. As they say, “the early bird catches the worm.”
  2. It takes time to really decide what the perfect venue for your event is and this shouldn’t be rushed. Are you looking for something modern, traditional, quirky or just a wild card all together? At Venue Reservations we pride ourselves on working with over 150 different venues in and around London. Our team have a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable to placing you in the perfect venue.
  3. Catering is more important than ever and with food trends, dietary requirements and variation being crucial in 2018, this shouldn’t be overlooked. At Venue Reservations we only work with the best from Seasoned, KUDOS and KUDOS Delivered as they can give you the exact requirements and not scrimp on quality or presentation. We strive to make sure everyone is catered for, no matter what the preference.
  4. It’s so important to let your guests know the information of your event as soon as possible. We see so many events that are confirmed too late, then not meet the guest’s numbers which can have a huge impact on the event being a success. This all correlates back to point number 1 and getting those dates in the diary and confirmed.
  5. Last but by no means least, the suppliers. All those finishing touches really make such a difference and why not have the pick of the bunch and not have to settle for anything less? Our sister company TEHC (The Event Hire Company) can help you do exactly that. With an amazing array of furniture and styling on offer from the experts, you can really give your event that personal touch, or should I say “je ne sais quoi.”

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