November is all about Apples - Venue Reservations

November is all about Apples

Autumn – the season of harvest golden colours, orchard fruits are ready, time to gather and reap the harvest as winter is coming.

Apples are one of the most versatile of fruits, pairing with game, pork, duck, salads and they even make pretty good at desserts! Crumbles, pies, tarts, soufflés, mousses, ice-cream, sorbets, sauces, chutneys and let’s not forget the wonderful refreshing juice they make, which makes that great summertime drink cider and best of all Apple brandy not just for winter.

This fruit makes us happy all year round a fruit for all seasons but reaped in autumn.

There are hundreds of apple varieties from tart, sweet and very sour, there are varieties for baking, sauce making, chutneys, and most importantly buy British.

For the entire month of November, KUDOS are creating a delightful selection of seasonal apple based dishes that are on trend across all fifteen of its retail sites.

KUDOS prides itself on supporting local businesses by selecting fresh produce from suppliers within a 30-mile radius of each venue.

Penshurst Place, the ancestral home of the Sidney family, boasts its very own apple orchard and will be using freshly picked local apples within their recipes. Other KUDOS locations will also be cooking up a storm with regionally sourced ingredients to produce recipes that include a delicious apple pie, an exquisite apple salad, and a mouth-watering pork pie with apple sauce.

This month’s choice of featured ingredient comes at the perfect time as KUDOS will also be hosting two days of vegan cooking at all its retail sites on 15th and 24th November to celebrate World Vegan Month.

The UK vegan lifestyle has grown by 360% in the last decade, which illustrates that making informed decisions regarding eating habits and being offered a wide range of wellbeing food options as well as favourite treats, are all becoming increasingly important for consumers.

KUDOS Food Director, David Cavalier, said, “With 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world, we felt this was the perfect food for our November ‘Featured Ingredient’ initiative. We are passionate about creating healthy meal options and using apples within our recipes has enabled us to produce hearty food choices, perfect for the health-conscious consumer”.

“I don’t think we are alone in thinking vegan food is on a massive incline and it’s vital that we stay ahead of the game and ensure we are offering really innovative and unique vegan dishes.”