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Mr and Mrs Agent, why use us?

Written by Chris Gaylard – Head of Department,  04.11.16

Business event packages for corporate hospitality

Venue Reservations creates extraordinary corporate events
We know you have really busy lives. As professional venue finders, we want to make it easy, breezy and beautiful. We love chatting with you all on the phone every day and we often hear you all struggling with the same set of obstacles. No-one said finding the right venue for your company event (that everyone’ll be talking about until the next one comes along) is an easy task! Here’s some of the common things we hear:

  • It’s hard to get venue availability at speed
  • You do not know a location well enough to connect a daytime venue with an evening venue
  • You just want a price per head to match with your client’s budget – no add-ons for cleaners, no charge for an extra hour etc
  • You find it confusing that they have so many suppliers, many of whom offer the same corporate catering or venue styling services, and you just want a price to start with
  • You want great venue images to sell your ideas to your client
  • You want the best competitive commissionable cost – not only for hiring a venue itself, but the entire corporate event package that includes: catering and hospitality staff on location, creating tailored venue styling as well as a hire service for any styling products
  • You want to work with people who really want your business – it usually means they look after your clients better.

All of these struggles are why many agents prefer to utilise a skilled venue-finding company. With 13 years’ experience in event planning and an ample portfolio of venues, Venue Reservations will take the hassle of venue research off your hands and spare you the time of making dozens of phone calls to venue owners. So here is how we make it happen; the little tricks and insights to our trade, the secrets to successful venue-finding.

Six things to consider when choosing your corporate event venue

  1. Speed is not just reserved for our much loved cartoon character; Road Runner. We have venues on speed dial and because we chat with them every day, we know we will get an answer. There’s no need to enquire with the venue directly if it has natural daylight or disabled access – yes, a professional venue finder will know that too – they are supposed to be a venue’s right-hand man.
  1. We have a compass in our brain… ok, maybe not, but we do know our cities! We don’t just spend our working days at the desk; we have seen every one of our venues, we know the closest coffee shop, the closest wine bar and probably the next closest conference centre too! Multi-site venue-finding is something we are great at.
  1. We are fantastic at creating comprehensive business event packages! Through our tailored business event packages, we combine the list of venue features, catering options and venue styling theme ideas, giving you a starting price to get your client wanting more.

A handful of bespoke event packages is then created for you and your client individually, after a venue finder has enquired about your preferences and requirements. Each business event package is produced according to the following guidelines:

  • The number of delegates or guests expected – we work closely with dozens of venue managers across the country to find the best venue that ticks all the boxes
  • Preferred event style or theme – on a daily basis, we find venues for casual business meetings, corporate conferences with hundreds of delegates as well as lavish evening banquets and official award dinners
  • Corporate catering packages – depending on whether you are looking for a daytime venue or an evening venue, our event planners will contact you to discuss your options should you find yourself in a spot. Carefully selected fixed menu sets can be ordered as well as modified to suit even the finest taste.
  1. Suppliers – the events world is full of caterers, lighting companies and florists. It can be overwhelming. We only work with our family of caterers – Seasoned, KUDOS and Kudos Delivered – which means that we trust what your events will look and taste like before they even get started. Our service is provided by these caterers so we are hand-in-hand. Of course, we are a dab hand at sourcing all the extras too; from event styling, lighting or even a classical string quartet. We only suggest suppliers that we know will look after your clients.
  1. Image bank… check. Let us know what you need; it’s all at our fingertips!
  1. You had us at hello! Yes we want to work with you and we are not afraid to admit it! Our event planners are always excited to hear about new ideas. Get in touch today, or now 🙂