So what are the key company summer party trends this season?

Written by Hannah Wright

You want to impress your boss with an amazing Central London location that fits in with the company budget? Your co-workers would appreciate an open bar and HR are already beginning to speculate over who will be the first to fall over, basically you want the party to go without a hitch. One of the first key trends is having that suntrap garden where your guests can soak up the sun but also have a beautiful sheltered area in case our British weather decides to change. This may sound like a contradiction to have both venue spaces in mind, however it would work better if a venue could provide both areas joined together so that guests can move in and out freely despite the weather.

Companies don’t normally think that having a venue located close to their office is very appealing. Telling your colleagues: ‘it’s just along the road and round the corner’ may actually encourage them to show up after work. This will in turn help avoid any embarrassing phone calls to your boss to say only 20 out of 80 RSVP’d. Think logically about your colleagues, if they can get to work easily enough then they should be able to make the party.

The next thing to do is research your caterers! Here at Venue Reservations we can promise that our caterers have the best experience for summer office parties. Why not sample the food at a menu tasting? Ensure you are confident of what is going to be served, would you want this type of canapé at an event?

The last trend that you must remember is to book early! Venue dates are filling up fast and although you may think you can pull this off in a couple of days, you may not get the venue you want, and the boss specifically requested a Wednesday afternoon in late July. Research early and hold a few dates until a decision is made!

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