Ice Rinks in London this Christmas

By Sarah Holland, Head of Venue Reservations 

I am no Jayne Torvill, in fact I am not an avid skater in the slightest. I haven’t braved the ice rink scene ever in my life and never even stepped onto a rink. Unless you can call an icy pavement an ice rink, that’s as far as I have got. For me I am that nervous Bambi and I know I would slip as soon as I step on. Unless someone wants to push me around in a sleigh or something, I don’t think I could tempt myself to do so. I am so scared of breaking my leg, arm or even my teeth!

Enough about me and my nerves, for many ice rinks mark the start of the festive season when they come to London or to a city near you. They do bring with them that magical feeling. Whether you are a skater or just a spectator, the Christmassy vibe does hit you when you see an ice rink in town. Often with a spectacular tall Christmas tree beside it or perhaps even in the rink, there is no denying it brings with it a warm yet wintery affection.

Everyone is kitted out in their hats, gloves and winter coats. Laughing or sometimes screaming as they skate round. Spectators are providing those words of encouragement as they skate by, whilst sipping on a hot chocolate or perhaps a mulled wine.

I really try to make sure I go to down to visit at least one ice rink in London around Christmas time. I am hoping to pay a visit to The Natural History Museum’s ice rink this year.  I am more than happy to stay on the other side of the ice with my hot choc… and then a mulled wine. I don’t mind the cold, so for me it is the perfect way to kick off my festive season. It makes me feel really Christmassy with the festive music playing in the background!

When I have previously visited New York, the Central Park and Rockefeller ice rinks are exactly how they are portrayed in the films: so lovely and ginormous! And even though I can’t hop on a flight this Christmas to New York, I can at least pretend I am there by reminiscing with a good old Christmas films or by popping down to an ice rink in London.

The other great thing about some ice rinks is that even if the busyness of the season takes over and I don’t manage to get down to see one just before Christmas, I have until the end of January 2018 to do so. It will definitely still be acceptable to have a mulled wine as well in the New Year!

Are you interested in checking out some rinks or even skating this festive season? Have a look at my top picks for ice rinks in London this year:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Somerset House
  • Tower of London
  • Tobacco Dock
  • Hyde Park – Winter Wonderland


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