Go back in time for Christmas at Seventy Eight Bishopsgate

By Jermaine Humphrey, Venue Sales Executive 

After visiting this venue for the first time this week I can see why it is a popular venue for Christmas parties. It really captures the feel and spirit of the season with a beautifully enclosed garden and a true sense of history. This venue has lived through more than 767 Christmas’s and New Year’s!

St. Ethelburga’s Bishopsgate, more commonly known as Seventy Eight Bishopsgate, located near Liverpool Street station, is a truly stunning venue with extremely unique features. The structure is a rare survival of the medieval City churches now serving as a Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. Personally, the most fascinating feature (other than the building’s exterior design) is the original 14th century arches in the Main Hall.

Having the ability to host an event inside such a rare historic structure within the City of London is a great way to appreciate and observe the history of this great City. I find it fascinating that the foundation date of this remarkable church is unknown. The church was first recorded in 1250 as the church of St. Adelburga-the-Virgin and has remained throughout the Great Fire of London 1666, the Blitz during the Second World War, 1940 and has survived severe damage from the IRA in 1993!

Aside from this venue’s historic value and unique architecture, Seventy Eight Bishopsgate provides a fantastic open space with modern features boasting a beautifully maintained garden with a bedouin Tent which allows guests to truly embrace the uniqueness of this venue and host a memorable event.

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