Face to Face, Why it’s better to meet in person

By Natasha Hattingh, Agency and Event Manager 

Ah, the events industry… a constant buzz and our beacon of light here at the Venue Reservations office! We live and breathe these events and work with some of the most famous, historical, non-traditional venues whether it is in central London or along the riverside…

Now, I love talking about the venues we have on our books and will always try and sell until my heart’s content. For me the best way to describe how and why the venue would work best for them is to show them, make the product tangible and allow them to experience it for themselves – kind of like a test drive!HCM - 4

So, the only way this can be done is to set a meeting… and BAM, you’ve won the business! Well, that’s what I like to think anyway.

Also, I cannot be the only person who has finished a phone call with a client and thought what do they look like?  Yes, LinkedIn and other social media platforms exist, but is that one tiny picture enough for you to go on? Well for me, it’s not.

I know, it sounds a little crazy wondering what your client looks like and how they may sound but otherwise, how do you really get to know your client? We all know that the majority of business is done via email, on the phone or through a website… BUT, the simple answer for me is a face to face meeting. My reason why? Discussing something face to face allows you to gauge who they are as a person, the tone of their voice and their reactions to your pitch. It allows both parties to be immersed in conversation about the event at hand and most likely lead to a quicker decision being made.

So whether it be me or one of the amazing Venue Reservations team, please feel free to set a meeting with us or at least be open to the idea of meeting with us – apart from the fact that we are super cool, amazing and totally funny, there is a reason why we will be asking to meet with you… Best of all if the weather stays this super, who wouldn’t want to get out of the office for a bit?

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