Drinking, dining and dancing 42 metres above the River Thames at Tower Bridge Walkways

By Sarah Holland, Head of Venue Reservations 

You have more than likely seen Tower Bridge in your favourite TV show or in the background of films but this venue is more than just a famous monument. Did you know you can hold events in the Walkways at Tower Bridge? No? Let me enlighten you.

Whether it is a dinner, reception, product launch or wedding, the possibilities are endless.

Your guests will be wowed by the breathtaking views with the East and West Walkways offering panoramic views of other famous landmarks in London such as Canary Wharf, The Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Your guests will have a bird’s eye view and capture amazing photos they wouldn’t be able to at ground level.

Not only that, Tower Bridge has a rather unique floor in each of the Walkways. Do you fancy walking or even dancing along the glass floors with London right underneath you? Personally, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to walk across them – more like ran! The glass floors are completely safe and weight wise can hold up to three double decker buses. If you’re feeling even braver than that, in the East Walkway there is even a mirrored ceiling so you can take a selfie at 42 metres high above London. WOW. Some guests even lie down on the glass to snap the perfect picture. A little too brave for me but guests love it and it is definitely a conversation starter.

The Walkways provide the perfect setting and Seasoned Events work in partnership to provide amazing food for your guests to feast on.

Seasoned has been catering at Tower Bridge for eight years: experienced and knowledgeable about this gorgeous venue, they will work with you to tailor-make your perfect event.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but it is one of my favourite venues. What more could you ask for? An iconic venue steeped in history but still providing a unique modern twist. Tower Bridge Walkways is full of event possibilities. Enquire today with Venue Reservations; we would love to talk to you about how best to enjoy this famous London venue.

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