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Christmas Party Planner

Written by Moya Keenan

Planning your Christmas party is not an easy job, and can be quite daunting when you want to impress your company CEO. It goes from everything as far as finding a perfect Christmas party venue, to the right theming and entertainment. It sounds a lot easier said than done, but when you don’t know where to turn for help, you may find yourself pulling out your hair when it comes to it. To help take the strain and stress away from the process, I have outlined below my essential Christmas party planner to help guide you through the process.

Step One

Get that budget signed off. Once you have know what you have to spend, it can give you an idea of what kind of venue and event you can afford

Step Two

Once you have established a budget you can then start to research what kind of party you would like. Will you have a sit down dinner with a band playing in the background, or a standing reception with champagne and bowl foods? An understanding of your guests will guide you in what direction to take when planning this.

Step Three

The next stage is finding a venue to hold your event. Here at Venue reservations we hold a vast venue portfolio which boast some of London’s most iconic venues. We can help you narrow down your search by hand picking venues that we know can match the criteria of your party. Key Christmas dates sell from extremely early in the year, so make sure you are not one of the people to miss out on the first pick in popular venues.

Step Four

Book the venue and then sit back and relax. We will take you through the planning process and guide you through everything we can do to give your event that WOW factor. We do everything from the catering with our award winning caterers, to the furniture with our partner company.

Step Five

Count the days until Christmas! It will come around before you know it, and you will be dancing the night away at your Christmas party.