Central Hall Westminster: World Class Venue and 5 Star Service

Central Hall Westminster is one of the UK’s most prestigious, well-respected, and forward thinking venues.

The historic location, which boasts an elegant theatre entrance, marble flooring, spacious foyer areas, a Grand Staircase, and a 25-room portfolio, hosts over 700 corporate and public events annually.

5 Quick Fire Central Hall Westminster Facts – A History Lesson

  1. The United Nations was formed at Central Hall Westminster in 1946
  2. Central Hall survived the Second World War and kept over 2,000 people safe every night in its basement bomb shelter
  3. Winston Churchill, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther King Jr. have addressed audiences of over 2,000 on stage at Central Hall
  4. Six international TV companies filmed the Royal Wedding from the roof at Central Hall in 2011 (Will they do the same for Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding next year?)
  5. Actor Helen Mirren filmed two Hollywood blockbuster films at Central Hall – ‘Calendar Girls’ and ‘RED2’

Alongside a distinguished and prominent London-based location, KUDOS provides world class food options – all containing locally sourced ingredients that are both fresh and seasonal. Whether that’s in Central Hall’s Wesley’s Cafe or for conferences and events help in one of the distinguished event spaces.

KUDOS Food Director, David Cavalier, said; “Every element of our service celebrates the best of British, which certainly includes Central Hall Westminster. Our every-changing menus are always bang on culinary trends and boast innovative recipes, which definitely adds that ‘wow’ factor to each and every event.”

KUDOS is a boutique business within the catering industry. The company ethos revolves around creating spectacular culinary delights using only the best locally sourced ingredients.

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